Mistad Trading Plc


Mistad Trading Plc was Established in 2002 in partnership with EAG, the leading consumer goods manufacturer in the country,with the aim of distributing its products, the company served the supplier as its sole distributor until 2004. In its ten year endeavor Mistad Trading is now one of the most networked and influential distributor of consumer goods in Addis Ababa as an exclusive agent of six major suppliers of soap and detergents, body care and edible items. Located in the heart of Mercato, the biggest open air market in East Africa, the company grows each year increasing not only its network and wealth but the market coverage of its suppliers as well.


The Company envisions becoming an international world class corporation with a significant contribution to the growth and development of Ethiopia and Africa.


Distributing and striving for the lion’s share in all the product lines of its suppliers while creating jobs and generating wealth.

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